The world of signage continually evolves to keep up with the demands of brand and company visibility, and there seems to be an ongoing debate at the moment in regards to the benefits of 2D versus 3D signage and which is best. If you’re a business looking to stand out, your choice of which to implement can make a huge difference.

Both have their benefits, and much will depend on your branding and the location where you want the signage to be displayed.


OK, this might seem like an obvious point but it’s also important. 2D signage is very easy to maintain and is often considered slightly easier to read. 3D signage sticks out and may need regular maintenance and cleaning, which is not surprising given weather and passing traffic (vehicles as well as customers). The effects  that you can create with each type of signage means that you need to consider location, and potentially other signage that can compete with your own, to ensure your sign has more impact and can be seen in visually overwhelming areas.


The big thing that makes 3D more appealing is that it helps your sign really stand out. While you may have a budget that might dictate your 2D signage selection, it might be worth holding out to look at a 3D option to increase impact.
Either way, your signage is quite often the consumer’s first connection with your company – so be clear, be noticed, and there is only one chance to give a first impression!


Generally, informational messages are more likely to be 2D, as impact is less important to ensuring information is seen quickly and understood. With 3D signs, you are always looking for more impact and innovation, including a memorable design. In short, 2D is generally easier to read than 3D when more wording is used.

Enhancing with Lighting

You can use various types of lighting with both 2D and 3D signs, but they certainly work a lot better with the latter.
That’s because you can create more definition and impact for your customers, especially for exteriors where signage needs to be visible at night – brand visibility never sleeps!


Of course, you don’t just have to settle with one or the other. Plenty of businesses have signs that combine both 2D and 3D in imaginative and exciting ways. It’s a great way to grab attention, especially if you are using signage at an event or exhibition or have a location where there is a lot of competition for customers.

The Cost of Signage

One issue that you probably want to think about is the cost of 2D vs 3D signage. There’s no doubt that you will be paying more for 3D but the cost of both has reduced considerably in recent years. Both types of signage can be made out of a wide range of materials, particularly with the innovative printing processes that are available today.

The key is to understand which factors impact on your signage, location and size in addition to the complexity of design and purpose of the sign – should all be considered. Whatever your selection is, it is important to do it in either formats or even a mix of both 2D and 3D – Be seen, Be understood, Be selected

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