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When you need a quality guard rail installation, Vimac Signs and Signage Ltd can provide the quality service you need. Our team can provide expert W-Beam or Thrie beam installation, repair and maintenance.

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Vimac Signs and Signage Ltd is highly appreciated in the Kenyan market and beyond as noted Highway Guard Rails manufacturers and suppliers.

We use premium grade raw materials during the manufacturing of these Guard Rails. In addition to this, we incorporate advanced machinery during the production.

Our Guard Rails are available in different sizes and specifications in order to cater for the diverse requirements of the industry.

Guard rails are not only important for lane control and division, but are also an integral part of bridge construction. Considered part of the bridge during inspection, guard rails must transition to bridge rails to pass. This means that as an alternative to cable barrier, guard rails are an integral part of bridge construction.

Crash-worthy end treatments vary.

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