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Frosted glass is one of those timeless décor elements that add a level of prestige and sophistication to any room or location. Any piece of glass in your office or business, whether it’s a door, window, mirror, partition or wall, can be branded.

This branding looks both attractive and acts as a piece of advertising. Our window vinyl stays in place as long as you need it, but can be removed at a later date without any damage to the glass below.


Glass-walled boardrooms is a popular design feature but with the abundance of natural light and pleasant open feeling comes other challenges like the glare of the sun and a need for privacy. Boardrooms have to serve a multitude of purposes. When it’s just you meeting with your staff, a nice open feeling is great but when you conduct sensitive meetings, or want to shield one client’s meeting from another, you need privacy.

Office Dividers

In contemporary office design and space planning, glass office dividers are and ever-popular choice. They provide much-needed privacy yet allow for natural light to filter through to the open plan office, plus for peaceful views of the outside world to be enjoyed. A glass-enclosed meeting room or boardroom can be as private as you want through clever window vinyl frosting yet gives an unsurpassed sense of openness and collaboration.

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