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At Vimac Signs and Signage Ltd, we don’t just specialize in providing high-quality signs and signage solutions – we can also maintain and repair your signs so they stay looking great for years to come. We’re proud to offer our sign maintenance and sign repair service, helping you to keep your signage in excellent condition.

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Whether they’ve been damaged by vandalism, affected by the weather, or have simply become faded with time, our team can be relied on to restore your signs to their original appearance. Our sign and signage maintenance company can clean, polish, repaint and relamp signs, as well as repair any broken parts.

As part of our signage repair service, we can provide you with the following:

  • General sign maintenance
  • Sign cleaning, including preventative cleans
  • Neon sign repair
  • Commercial sign repair
  • And more


As one of the leading sign repair companies in Kenya, you can trust Vimac Signs and Signage Ltd to provide superior services to keep your sign looking its very best. To learn more about our sign repair and sign maintenance services, contact us. Whether you need a one-off sign repair or require scheduled maintenance throughout the year, our team is happy to provide assistance.

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